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10 Questions to Assess Information Security Needs in Microsoft Teams

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Out of the Box or Third Party Security?

Customers often wonder if they are heavily invested in Microsoft solutions and tools, how do partner products enhance or provide advantages over Microsoft’s core capabilities?

Microsoft Teams ships with numerous out of the box (OOTB) security features, yet there are a plethora of value added solutions for information security on the market. Understanding whether or not existing Microsoft investments satisfy business, compliance and security needs can be a challenge for many

If you are confused about whether or not the OOTB information security for Microsoft Teams is adequate, or if you need to add a third party solution to get the data protection capabilities needed to suit your business and regulatory requirements, then this self-assessment is for you.

10 Questions to Assess Information Security Needs in Microsoft Teams

Based on your answers to these 10 questions you will get an understanding of your information protection needs, and whether or not they can be satisfied with your existing Microsoft security investments or if you could benefit from a value added partner solution like NC Protect.

Who should read this:

  • Microsoft Teams Administrators
  • Microsoft Teams Site Owners
  • IT Teams responsible for Teams
  • Information Security Teams