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Boost Your Information Security to Meet ITAR Compliance


Boost Your Information Security to Meet ITAR Compliance

The U.S. Government requires all manufacturers, importers, exporters, and brokers of defence articles, defence services or related technical information to meet International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) compliance. Applying these regulations to your business and to those within the greater supply chain introduces additional costs, rigor, and complexity into your processes.

This whitepaper introduces 5 essential checkpoints of ITAR and provides strategies to assist with compliance and cyber resilience.

Download this white paper to learn:
  • The essential 5Ws of ITAR information protection.
  • Why ITAR compliance is important to importers and exporters of defence related items.
  • Compliance requirements and strategies to assist you achieve them.

Who should read this:

  • ITAR Program Leads
  • Defense Contractors
  • IT Teams responsible for SharePoint & Microsoft Teams
  • Information Security Teams