Protect Sensitive Data with Microsoft Purview Information Protection & ABAC Policies

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Enhancing Data Security in Microsoft 365 with MPIP & ABAC

Intellectual property (IP) protection is vital to your bottom line. A leaked CAD file, product design or formula can be disastrous to the success of any project and your company’s competitive advantage and reputation.
While Microsoft collaboration tools make it easier than ever to exchange ideas and information — it’s also all too easy for deliberate and accidental data loss to occur without the right safeguards in place.
archTIS’ Dave Matthews and special guest Microsoft's Director, Compliance and Privacy Ecosystem, Hammad Rajjoub, discuss how to enhance information protection controls to guard your most vital assets and ensure they don’t accidentally or deliberately walk out the door.
In this on-demand Webinar discover the:

  • How to leverage your Microsoft Purview Information Protection investment to prevent data loss with ABAC policies.
  • The 5 questions you need to address to ensure secure data access and handling.
  • Tools to enhance information protection with unique capabilities including dynamic watermarking of Office docs, CAD files and images, read-only access, and more.