Solution Brief

Discover How NC Protect Enhances Microsoft Information Security Capabilities

Enhancing Microsoft Information Security Capabilities with NC Protect

As a Microsoft Partner and MISA member, NC Protect leverages and enhances the OOTB security in Microsoft apps to provide integrated, granular, and dynamic information protection, while alleviating the complexity of achieving these results with native tools. Download this Solution Brief to discover the complementary nature of NC Protect, as well as the value and additional capabilities it provides Microsoft customers including:

  • Data-Centric Information Protection based on attributes at the data layer to achieve more granular protection in a much simpler way
  • Unique security features like personalized watermarks, a secure web reader, file view augmentation
  • Enhanced security capabilities for Microsoft Teams information barriers and guest access

For companies needing multifaceted information protection to meet business and regulatory requirements NC Protect provides a complementary solution that adds value to your Microsoft stack making it easier and faster to achieve results, improve information security and ensure compliance.