5 Steps to Prepare Data Before Migrating to M365

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How to prepare your SharePoint on-premises data to ensure a smooth  migration to M365 

A SharePoint migration project can be a complicated procedure that requires much planning, coordination, and management to ensure a successful outcome. There are many risks to consider including data quality control, over-exposure, data loss, and the costs involved - particularly when it comes to large volumes of sensitive data.

In this webinar, we share 5 key steps to prepare your data in SharePoint on-premises before you migrate to ensure a smooth transition to M365 and SharePoint Online.

Our SharePoint expert will explore the:

  • Challenges of cloud data migrations.
  • How to understand your data landscape to plan your migration.
  • Important steps to prepare data before migration including classification.
  • How NC Protect assists with data preparation and protection - before and after migration.