Optimizing Governance
and Data Security in
Microsoft 365 & Teams

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Optimizing Governance and Data Security in Microsoft 365 & Teams

The shift to remote work has accelerated digital transformation and the adoption of Microsoft 365 and Teams as a front-end to collaboration, information sharing, and knowledge management. It has also uncovered new challenges to ensuring proper access control and data security.

This webinar shares highlights from a new AIIM survey on the challenges of optimizing M365 for the long term success and content governance. Discover how to ensure secure information access and collaboration that is underpinned by dynamic, contextual security to ensure only the right users - internal or external - have access to the right content at the right time.

  • Learn the key challenges and concerns around migrating to and optimizing M365 as identified in the report.
  • Why document-centric collaboration and control is still problematic and an area of key concern.
  • Discover why third party solutions play a key role in realizing the platform’s full capabilities
  • Learn the advantages of Attributed-based access control (ABAC) to provide flexible data protection capabilities required to control the flood of new content created.