White Paper

Protecting Sensitive Data with Digital Security Watermarks

How to Secure Sensitive Information with Dynamic Security Watermarks

Digital security watermarks offer a simple yet powerful solution to mitigate the risks of data leakage caused by sharing IP and sensitive information. By clearly indicating a document’s sensitivity, handler and intended audience, they act as a powerful deterrent, remind users of safeguarding requirements, and can prevent inadvertent sharing mishaps. 

Discover the Advantages, Use Cases and Tools

This white paper delves into:

  • The advantages of using dynamic, user-specific watermarks to protect IP and sensitive data
  • Use cases for security watermarks in enterprises, government and defense.
  • Tools to automate the watermarking of Office documents, PDFs, CAD files and more to provide additional security and control over sensitive information.

Who should read this:

  • Information Technology (IT) Teams
  • Information Security / Data Security Teams
  • Applications Management
  • Workplace Collaboration Solutions
  • Compliance Officers
  • Government Program Management