3 Flaws of Protecting File Share Data with ACLs and Permissions

Securing the File Share Alone Doesn’t Fully Protect Your Content  

It’s an approach that’s been used forever to protect our valuables – locking possessions away for safekeeping. In the IT world that means keeping business critical data in a secure network location and securing access to it with controls such as access control lists (ACLs) or permissions. 

However, securing the repository alone is a weak first line of defense against modern cybersecurity threats stemming from outside the company ‘walls’ and increasingly from within. 

3 Ways Traditional Security Puts Your File Share Data at Risk and What to Do About It 

This recorded webinar shares the challenges, best practices and more effective tools to properly secure file share data. 

You will learn: 

  • Why solely relying on ACLs and permissions-based security is fatally flawed  
  • How human error has become the greatest threat of all  
  • Tips to better protect business critical information in File Shares 
  • How NC Protect uses dynamic data-centric protection to secure file share content 

Who should watch it?

  • IT and Security Managers
  • Privacy Managers
  • Collaboration Managers
  • Application Administrators