5 Tips for Securing Guest Access in Microsoft Teams

Organizations rolling out Microsoft Teams have made secure employee access a priority, while third parties and non-employee access remains an afterthought or is simply turned off. With 59% of companies reporting they've experienced a data breach caused by one of their vendors or third parties (Ponemon Institute), guest access can’t be ignored.

Users will share data with third parties and it’s in your best interest to provide a safe and controlled collaboration environment to prevent breaches. Microsoft Teams absolutely can be that safe place – but only if the right information protection and security controls are in place.

5 Tips for Securing Guest Access in Microsoft Teams

This on demand webinar provides valuable information on the challenges, best practices and tools to secure Guest Access in Teams.

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  • The challenges of providing guest access via Teams and third party tools
  • Tips to ensure information protection controls meet the changing security risks as Teams grow and change
  • The impact of third party access on data security

Who should watch it?

  • Collaboration Managers
  • Application Administrators
  • IT and Security Managers
  • Compliance Managers