White Paper

Securing Multinational Coalition Collaboration with Data-Centric Security

An ABAC Enabled Framework for Securing Information in Mission Partner Environments

In today’s digital age, responding to multi-national threats, peacekeeping missions, and combat operations, all with numerous stakeholders involved, requires the twin challenges of information security and information sharing to be confronted and successfully addressed. This is especially true when sharing sensitive or classified information on military operational plans and supporting intelligence data seamlessly.
Modern adversaries have developed sophisticated defense technologies that pose serious challenges to this ability. Safeguarding sensitive and classified unstructured data, no matter where it resides, is an important objective for building a secure data-centric environment to enable secure multicoalition collaboration.
In this white paper you'll learn:
  • The challenges of multicoalition collaboration using disparate technology environments.
  • A look at the JADC2 technology framework for securing Mission Partner Environments (MPE).
  • Advantages of dynamic ABAC secured information sharing for MPE.

Who should read this:

  • CISOs
  • CIOs
  • Mission Commanders
  • A-6 and G-6 Offices
  • Information Security Management
  • Information Technology Management