White Paper

Top 10 SharePoint Security and Compliance Risks

Top Ten SharePoint Security Risks

SharePoint sites, including SharePoint Online (Office 365) sites and hosted SharePoint farms, are subject to a number of potentially serious security risks.
With SharePoint sites being used to process and store sensitive and regulated data including Personally Identifiable Information, healthcare data, customer financial information, and intellectual property, securing SharePoint is a very high priority.
Besides security risks, there are real and potentially expensive compliance risks associated with regulated data and SharePoint. This whitepaper describes ten critical SharePoint security risks, and provides practical guidance to manage and mitigate them.
Key points:
  • How to secure your SharePoint farm on-premise or in the cloud;
  • Top 10 SharePoint security risks and compliance issues;
  • How to properly mitigate the risks and satisfy compliance requirements;
  • How to protect information from insider threats and privileged users alike (“Snowden effect”).
This whitepaper describes 10 risks that are common in SharePoint environments. These risks are ones that we at archTIS have frequently seen in dealing with hundreds of SharePoint users over the past few years, and they are risks that can have serious consequences for organisation if left unmanaged.