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Dynamic Data Loss Prevention in SharePoint

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Dynamic Data Loss Prevention in SharePoint

SharePoint is an excellent platform for collaboration. The problem is with so many security requirements across an organization, it is nearly impossible to keep up with all the demands for file permissions without impacting collaboration flexibility. 

Everyone is looking for an easier way to secure SharePoint content without overburdening IT staff or overly restricting end users. It’s a balancing act between ensuring security without slowing down collaboration.

Achieving Real-Time, Attribute-based Data Security with NC Protect

Discover a new model for SharePoint security that enables collaboration without compromising security. This white paper will show:

  • The shortcomings of traditional SharePoint security tools.
  • How leveraging user and file attributes paired with context drive more effective  dynamic policy-based SharePoint security.
  • Provide an introduction to how NC Protect achieves this without the complexity, overhead and resources of native solutions.

Who should read this:

  • SharePoint Administrators & Architects
  • IT Teams responsible for SharePoint
  • Information Security Teams
  • SharePoint Site Owners